itbyatran (itbyatran) wrote in divacup,

What's the difference?

Hi everyone!
I've been a diva for more than three years now. My diva cup worked wonders for me. I received it the day I was leaving for my vacation which was the day after I had started my period. During my whole trip I didn't have to worry about how many tampons I had in my bag or if blood had leaked through onto my underwear. I do wear an underwear liner for those heavier days and sometimes on the lighter days as well. The point of this post is to find out if there is really a difference when it comes to the model 1 or model 2. I just had a baby and I saw that the model 2 was for women who have delivered children. But, is there really a difference? I saw in some other Diva's posts that it was a size difference. Is there anything else? I don't want to go out and spend $40 dollars on the model 2 especially when I bought the model 1 for less than $15. I'm pretty sure when I purchased mine it was $9 excluding tax and s&h. Please let me know if I have no choice but to buy the model 2. Another quick question, when I remove my cup it does hurt from the suction. Does the model 2 not have such a strong suction or something?
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