ACrisp (Andra Wright Crisp) wrote in divacup,
Andra Wright Crisp

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Tilted & jilted

I've read some other people have similar issues ... I have a tilted cervix and I think this is part of my problem with the Diva Cup. I am 35, no kids, but also very petite and tight down there. I am beginning to think that with a tilted cervix and a small vagina that this product is not meant for me. :P

When inserted it goes to one side and the stem pokes me. However, I can only get it out by tugging on the stem so I can't cut it off. I also cannot grab it and turn it and it is not unfolding and thus leaking. I have tried both insertion methods, no luck. I am not putting it all that far up in there, but it is as if it gets sucked up further after I put it in and I am not able to keep hold of & turn the bottom. I can only reach the stem.   I want to love this, I really do, for numerous reasons, but I cannot make it work. All of this in and out and trying hurts. At this point and I beyond frustrated and wearing a tampon and liner like normal.
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