jessica2863 (jessica2863) wrote in divacup,

first day

So I am trying the Divacup for the first time today.  It seems to be going just fine, but I cannot turn it when it gets in so I never know if it's in there right.  When I go to take it out though I just grab the end and pull.  It makes the most terrible noise and I will not be doing that in public!  But if I know that it's suctioned in do I really need to worry about the turning.  I know that I have a very interesting anatomy and there's all kind of sutff going on up there that makes me think that maybe turning it is not an option for me, but I read that I should be able to turn it very easily once it's in.  Should I not worry if it seems to have the necessary suction?  I am feeling a little bit of pain, but I think it's cause I am just pulling it out and from now on I will pinch the cup before pulling it out to release the suction.  Also, sometimes the tip is practically sticking out!  Is that normal?  When I use the bathroom and wipe I actually feel it!! Thanks for your suggestions, I am glad that I finally bit the bullet and bought one.  I started clinicals last week and cannot wear white scrubs while I am wearing a pad or a leaking tampon!! 
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