Dewey (deweyintoronto) wrote in divacup,

Considering a DivaCup

So I'm considering a DivaCup for a many reasons, but mostly because between when I got pregnant and when I got my period back (thank you, breastfeeding!) it seems the cost of feminine hygiene products has gone through the roof. Or maybe they were always that expensive and I'm just a lot more cheap frugal now that I have a child? I don't know. Anyway, I have a couple of questions:

1. I use a diaphragm. Is the learning curve to insert the Diva any steeper?
2. Is the DivaWash really necessary, or can I just use the super-gentle, all-natural soap I already use for on my daughter?
3. Do you own two so you can keep one at home and one at work, or just carry it around with you?

Thanks in advance!
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