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Diva Cup

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Diva Cup First Impressions [18 Jan 2016|10:43pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

15 years old,
Size 1,
heavy flow,
used the triangular fold method.
I've been researching menstrual cups for about three to four years now, my step-sister even encouraged me to get one in 2013 while I was talking to her about my problematic period. (1/17/16) I went to Rite Aid with my mom to get a few things when my period app (clue) had notified me that my period was soon and I figured that since there was a Whole Foods right next door, I might as well get a DivaCup. As soon as I got home from Whole Foods I went into the bathroom to try and get the cup in, I tried a couple of times before I decided to give it a rest until the next day as not to overwhelm myself.
I managed to get the cup in the next day (1/18/16), this time I used the triangular fold method and used a little bit of coconut oil as a lube on the rim -this helped immensely. Once it was in I couldn't feel a thing, it took absolutely no getting used to unlike tampons. I left it in for half an hour before deciding to try and take it out, which was slightly stressful. I initially panicked because I didn't see the stem right away, so I think that set me off, I was finally able to get it out by doing a few Kegel exercises and wiggling the stem at the same time. It collected a fair amount of discharge and I didn't notice any discharge on my undies, so yay! There was a microscopic amount of blood around the rim of it, but I'm assuming it's because it stretched my hymen a bit. I'm excited to see how it works when I'm actually on my period! :)

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Cup mostly functioning [03 Jan 2016|04:40pm]

36 years old
Not a virgin but no longer sexually active
Active with strong pelvic muscles
Medium Flow
Diva Cup #1 Model
C Fold Used

I'm committed to using a menstrual cup for various reasons. This is my first cycle using the Diva cup and it's going fairly well.

Insert is fine and although I have a bit of a hard time getting it to pop open, I assume it's opening as my flow is being collected (mostly). I place the cup so the stem is just outside of the vaginal opening but, inevitably, the cup moves higher so that the stem is just inside the opening and also tilted so that the stem is not straight down but pointed to the right. It's comfortable though.

My issue is small but consistent leakage. I wore the Diva Cup for 6 hours on an average flow day. The entire time there was some light flow collecting on the pad (wearing a pad as I'm learning). The cup wasn't even halfway filled. Plenty of space left.

Upon taking the cup out after the six hours I observe that most of the flow is going into the cup, however some of it seems to have clogged one hole and possibly is flowing over that side rim? I think that's the leakage.

Any tips or insights as to why this is happening? Thanks so much, this is a great community!
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Diva Cup Review [30 May 2015|06:35pm]
So I have tried the Diva Cup, and LOVE it! It is leak free, environmentally friendly, and super easy to use. After you learn where it sits in your body, its comfortable. The only reason I felt the need to write a review on it, was that I had been unsure on which size to buy. I've had a c-section, and they recommend that you get the size 2.

Knowing my body, the fact I keep fit, and have always been tiny down there - I took the risk of buying size 1. And what a relief that I did! The fit is superb, but I will admit it can be a bit too wide when pulling it out. It hurts a little. Not in a -Ill never use this again kind of way, but definitely painful.

Theres my two cents. C-section mommas who work out and look after your bodies, do consider the size 1. The size difference could be all the world when it comes to being comfortable - particularly when it's time to remove it.
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Technical difficulties? [21 Jun 2014|06:09pm]
So I am an 18 year old virgin. I am very comfortable with my vagina, and I decided to switch from tampons to cups! I bought a divacup size 1. I was and still am super excited to use them. I started using them this first cycle and the first day was great! Not much difficulty putting in the cup and not bad to take out. I only changed it in the morning and at night, no leaks, no nothing! Was comfortable (except the stem that I cut off the second time inserting)

Day two was not so rosy... I stupidly decided to go out with the cup in and not prepared for leaks. Sure enough I leaked after four hours? So that was a catastrophe in the public restroom. Needless to say I went home freaked out and put in a tampon for day two. I used tampons for the rest of the night because my vagina was very irritated (I don't know why the cup would cause this?)

Day three I put in the cup, no issues inserting. And I leaked after like 2 hours?! It wasn't even full?! It was like not even a quarter full. I am very distraught, since I seem to be doing every thing right! I put it in with no issues, I try to turn it as much as I can. If I can't turn it 360 then I reach in with one finger to basically circle around the whole cup to make sure that it's fully open. Which it was. The leakage was not leftover blood in the vagina from before. And when I took it out I even heard the seal break?!

I want to know what I am doing wrong? I'm very in tune with my vaginal health and I really do not want to switch back to tampons as they gave me infections. Pads are not even remotely an option for me lol. And I really do not want to pay another $40 for a different cup!!!

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What's the difference? [19 Mar 2014|08:18pm]
Hi everyone!
I've been a diva for more than three years now. My diva cup worked wonders for me. I received it the day I was leaving for my vacation which was the day after I had started my period. During my whole trip I didn't have to worry about how many tampons I had in my bag or if blood had leaked through onto my underwear. I do wear an underwear liner for those heavier days and sometimes on the lighter days as well. The point of this post is to find out if there is really a difference when it comes to the model 1 or model 2. I just had a baby and I saw that the model 2 was for women who have delivered children. But, is there really a difference? I saw in some other Diva's posts that it was a size difference. Is there anything else? I don't want to go out and spend $40 dollars on the model 2 especially when I bought the model 1 for less than $15. I'm pretty sure when I purchased mine it was $9 excluding tax and s&h. Please let me know if I have no choice but to buy the model 2. Another quick question, when I remove my cup it does hurt from the suction. Does the model 2 not have such a strong suction or something?
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Having some trouble... [03 Dec 2012|06:50pm]

[ mood | confused ]

This is my second cycle using the Diva Cup. I'm 36 and I've never given birth but I am a "big girl" (5' 9"). I use the size 2 Diva Cup. When I insert it, it seems to go in with no problem, but within a few minutes, it kind of slides down, so that I can feel the base of it poking out of my vagina when I'm walking. And when I'm sitting, I have a "full" feeling. Kind of like the feeling you get when you use tampons for the very first time. Either A) I'm using it wrong or B) I should be using the smaller size? Can anyone provide some feedback?

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Argh... Super Suction [10 Nov 2012|11:09am]
[ mood | cranky ]

So, I was really excited about this product but I'm getting so frustrated. I'm on my second cycle attempt and it's still not working. It takes me about 10 minutes to get the cup in. I have to do it in the shower because it is so incredibly messy. And once it's in, it always leaks. I've discovered that it's leaking because it isn't opening up. It unfolds but becomes suctioned flat. I can't turn it no matter how hard I try. I've used two different methods for insertion, saw that there were several others and I'm going to try them out. But in the meantime, I have to get on with my life. I can't wait at home to see if the cup is going to leak all over the place and stain yet another pair of underwear and/or pants! Has anyone else had this problem? Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Who can compare the old and new Diva Cups? [30 Aug 2012|02:02pm]


I have a Diva Cup for 6 years ago, and as I want to buy a new one, I wonder about the Diva Cup modifications which appeared in 2007.
Look at this entry: http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/969660.html
In this entry, nobody tell the differences when inserting and wearing.

Is someone (who have or have had both) able to tell if there are some differences, chiefly if there is a difference for the opening after insertion?
I want to know this because I have often read that the Diva Cup is difficult to pop open, but I don't think so with mine (the old model), is it only true for the newer model (for people who have or have had both) or it depens mostly on the diferent persons?     
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little problem... [29 Jun 2012|09:48am]
So, i've been using the Diva cup for 3 days now and i really like it.

At first, i had a little bit of discharge and it collected it well.

But now, when i wipe there is blood so my "real" period has started, but there is NO blood at all in my divacup or around it... there is still some discharge but nothing red like when i wiped....

Is it normal? I don't have any leak either so i assume the divacup is placed properly...

Anyone experienced the same?
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[10 Mar 2012|11:19pm]

So a friend of mine has a divacup (I bought it for her for Christmas/Yule/Winter Holiday), and she loves it except for one thing: apparently it hurts to remove. I figured it was an issue of breaking the suction, and recommended a few ways to do that. She's evidently still having issues, though. What can she do to stop it from hurting? Could it be that her cervix is just sensitive?
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Tilted & jilted [03 Sep 2011|06:14pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I've read some other people have similar issues ... I have a tilted cervix and I think this is part of my problem with the Diva Cup. I am 35, no kids, but also very petite and tight down there. I am beginning to think that with a tilted cervix and a small vagina that this product is not meant for me. :P

When inserted it goes to one side and the stem pokes me. However, I can only get it out by tugging on the stem so I can't cut it off. I also cannot grab it and turn it and it is not unfolding and thus leaking. I have tried both insertion methods, no luck. I am not putting it all that far up in there, but it is as if it gets sucked up further after I put it in and I am not able to keep hold of & turn the bottom. I can only reach the stem.   I want to love this, I really do, for numerous reasons, but I cannot make it work. All of this in and out and trying hurts. At this point and I beyond frustrated and wearing a tampon and liner like normal.

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[08 Jun 2011|09:19am]

I'm just about at the end of my rope. Without fail, every month, my Diva cup leaks for the first two days of my period. Yes, those are my heaviest days, but it doesn't matter how often I empty it. I check the holes, I can spin it, when I tug (gently) on it it feels like suction is good, but it still leaks. Is there anything else I can do? I hate wearing a back-up pad, but I'm at a loss here.

Other info: I'm 29, two kids, using the bigger size, Paragard IUD for BC.

Thanks ladies.

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first day [21 Nov 2010|09:43pm]
So I am trying the Divacup for the first time today.  It seems to be going just fine, but I cannot turn it when it gets in so I never know if it's in there right.  When I go to take it out though I just grab the end and pull.  It makes the most terrible noise and I will not be doing that in public!  But if I know that it's suctioned in do I really need to worry about the turning.  I know that I have a very interesting anatomy and there's all kind of sutff going on up there that makes me think that maybe turning it is not an option for me, but I read that I should be able to turn it very easily once it's in.  Should I not worry if it seems to have the necessary suction?  I am feeling a little bit of pain, but I think it's cause I am just pulling it out and from now on I will pinch the cup before pulling it out to release the suction.  Also, sometimes the tip is practically sticking out!  Is that normal?  When I use the bathroom and wipe I actually feel it!! Thanks for your suggestions, I am glad that I finally bit the bullet and bought one.  I started clinicals last week and cannot wear white scrubs while I am wearing a pad or a leaking tampon!! 
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Pain from using the diva cup? [02 May 2010|04:59pm]

I have been using my diva cup for 2 cycles now. The cup itself is great. I got the hang of inserting it pretty quickly, and don't even feel it anymore.

I just have an issue after using it. On the 4th or 5th day of my period, I start to feel a little sore inside, especially after I take the cup out. And that soreness turned to excruciating pain when I tried to have sex last night.

The first month, I just thought that I was getting used to it, but now I'm really starting to worry about it. The pain lasted a couple of hours and then I went back to being a little sore.

I've never had this issue before. I had used tampons before as well as the Instead disposable cups and both were fine.

Is the diva cup just not for me? I love everything else about it.
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Newbie [24 Mar 2010|09:10am]

Hey been watching diva cup community for a while. This is my second cycle using the diva cup. Let me just say it takes a lot of patience!! I've gotten the diva cup to work properly a few times during these two cycles.

I have problems getting it open. I use the model 1, never had kids and I'm 18 years old. I try to give it a few seconds to open but nothing seems to work. The few times I got it in properly seemed like I just got lucky.

Does any one have any suggestions to GETTING THE DIVA CUP TO POP OPEN?

Thank you so much! 
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Considering a DivaCup [23 Mar 2010|11:52pm]

So I'm considering a DivaCup for a many reasons, but mostly because between when I got pregnant and when I got my period back (thank you, breastfeeding!) it seems the cost of feminine hygiene products has gone through the roof. Or maybe they were always that expensive and I'm just a lot more cheap frugal now that I have a child? I don't know. Anyway, I have a couple of questions:

1. I use a diaphragm. Is the learning curve to insert the Diva any steeper?
2. Is the DivaWash really necessary, or can I just use the super-gentle, all-natural soap I already use for on my daughter?
3. Do you own two so you can keep one at home and one at work, or just carry it around with you?

Thanks in advance!
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Staining [19 Mar 2010|04:52pm]

I have had my diva cup for 9 months now and I love it! I will never go back to tampons and pads. I am trying to get my friends to buy them and make a little diva cup army! Anywoo, in the past several months I have noticed that my diva cup is getting pretty stained. I clean it properly but I just can't get the stains out. I read on the diva cup site before I bought mine that it will become discolored over time and that eventually I will need a new one. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the stains and discoloration out or do I need to break down and get a new one?
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[30 Jan 2010|02:14pm]

With the choice of its nomenclature, the new iPad is already setting off quite a stir in the media.

Apple's response is to create a version of the device for the more rough and tumble, athletic man, aptly called the iCup.

Any thoughts?
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[04 Jan 2010|03:14pm]

I got my Diva Cup a few days ago. At first, I love it - no problems, but then when I reach my heavy days it starts leaking. I'm twisting and feel like it's inserted far enough. I won't go up any farther. I can feel it expand but when I feel with my finger its somewhat flattened, but still right up against the wall of my vagina. I have very heavy periods which I why I tried the cup in the first place (tampons just don't cut it - I can fill the cup most of the way in just a few hours) but there's kindof no point in using it if it leaks. It also is uncomfortable to remove - the rim gets stuck at the beginning of my vagina for a few seconds and it does not feel good. Any tips? I don't want to give up on this but I can't deal with the insecurity of leaking.
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