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Diva Cup First Impressions

15 years old,
Size 1,
heavy flow,
used the triangular fold method.
I've been researching menstrual cups for about three to four years now, my step-sister even encouraged me to get one in 2013 while I was talking to her about my problematic period. (1/17/16) I went to Rite Aid with my mom to get a few things when my period app (clue) had notified me that my period was soon and I figured that since there was a Whole Foods right next door, I might as well get a DivaCup. As soon as I got home from Whole Foods I went into the bathroom to try and get the cup in, I tried a couple of times before I decided to give it a rest until the next day as not to overwhelm myself.
I managed to get the cup in the next day (1/18/16), this time I used the triangular fold method and used a little bit of coconut oil as a lube on the rim -this helped immensely. Once it was in I couldn't feel a thing, it took absolutely no getting used to unlike tampons. I left it in for half an hour before deciding to try and take it out, which was slightly stressful. I initially panicked because I didn't see the stem right away, so I think that set me off, I was finally able to get it out by doing a few Kegel exercises and wiggling the stem at the same time. It collected a fair amount of discharge and I didn't notice any discharge on my undies, so yay! There was a microscopic amount of blood around the rim of it, but I'm assuming it's because it stretched my hymen a bit. I'm excited to see how it works when I'm actually on my period! :)
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