earthlover24 (earthlover24) wrote in divacup,

Diva Cup Review

So I have tried the Diva Cup, and LOVE it! It is leak free, environmentally friendly, and super easy to use. After you learn where it sits in your body, its comfortable. The only reason I felt the need to write a review on it, was that I had been unsure on which size to buy. I've had a c-section, and they recommend that you get the size 2.

Knowing my body, the fact I keep fit, and have always been tiny down there - I took the risk of buying size 1. And what a relief that I did! The fit is superb, but I will admit it can be a bit too wide when pulling it out. It hurts a little. Not in a -Ill never use this again kind of way, but definitely painful.

Theres my two cents. C-section mommas who work out and look after your bodies, do consider the size 1. The size difference could be all the world when it comes to being comfortable - particularly when it's time to remove it.
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